What is digital marketing and how to do digital marketing

What is digital marketing and how to do digital marketing

Digital marketing is generally the process of selling products or services through market research with advertisements. And digital marketing is the marketing of various products or services through online or internet using digital technology and digital media. Digital marketing is called digital marketing. And whatever method we use for marketing is digital marketing.

Earlier we used to go to bazaar to buy and sell something. But now we can buy and sell any product from home.

Why do digital marketing?

The present age is the age of technology. In this age of information technology, everyone is now moving forward in the name of technology. Everything is changing with technology. And with it the business is also changing. Therefore, due to the development of information technology, we can do any work easily. It is very important to do digital marketing to keep pace with the times. So digital marketing is necessary.

How to do digital marketing?


* Online Advertising

* SMS (Social Media Marketing)

* SEM(Search Engine Marketing)

* Content Marketing

* Mobile Marketing

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is basically how your website is found by other search engines like (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc). Which shows the results of different sites. In today's competitive market SEO is very important in the marketing of any product. Because through SEO any website is ranked and any product is marketed from that site. As a result, SEO marketing is necessary. And that SEO needs to be updated regularly.

SEO is again divided into two parts.

1. On Page SEO

2. Off Page SEO

On Page SEO is what you say or do about your website, while Off Page SEO is what others say about your website.

For example, if you want to know about a product or the name of the product, write its name and search in a search engine. Then you must understand that the websites that appear on the first page have your product. And we can think about ourselves. Let's say we create a website on a specific topic. Now if someone searches by writing any product or information that is on our website, our website comes to the 10th page of the search engine, then it will not come to the 10th page to find my product. Of course it will find the product on page 1. And for that we need to hire visitors to our site and use proper methods of SEO.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising is the advertisement that we advertise online. Online Advertising is of various types such as:-

* Display Advertising

* CPC (Cost Per Click)

* CPV (Cost Per View)

* CPA (Cost Per Action)

Display Advertising is basically Display Advertising that we see billboards or various advertisements, banners on the road

CPC is a form of advertising that goes to consumers as a promotional marketing message. And an asvertiser pays some money or dollars for each click in exchange for his add.

CPV is the system of paying revenue based on how many times or how long an ad is viewed.

CPA is the online market will give you a revenue if you can complete an action. And that revenue is ($) dollars which in Bengali means revenue or income.

SMS (Social Media Marketing)

Nowadays we use many types of social media like:- Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and many more. We call them social media or social media. Through these social media, we use them to maintain communication with one another or with various institutions. We do digital marketing by using these communication media.

SEM(Search Engine Marketing)

Search engine marketing is a comprehensive marketing strategy. Business traffic is driven by the initial effort given. We call it paid search marketing. This type of marketing is usually done based on the structure of your business. In this case you can select any PPC or CPC or CPM modem. SEM is usually available on different platforms. For example, Google Ad Words and Bing Ads are more popular on the Yahoo Bing Network. SEM is also used in ad search, mobile marketing, remarketing. SEM(Search Engine Marketing) is the most cost-effective online marketing that can earn you a return on investment.

Content Marketing

By content, we generally understand various types of blog posts, web pages, products, slides, images, videos, e-books, etc. When we do content marketing online, it is called content marketing.

Content must be created for digital marketing. Even SEO, social media also need content. Digital marketing is not possible without content.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is done through SMS Marketing, MMS Marketing, Bluetooth Marketing, Infared Marketing. Among these, SMS FOR MOBILE Marketing method is very important. You are the people of the digital age of Vecual world. You may have many friends followers on various social media. You can message them or share your posts. Maybe they can also subscribe to your product. You can send messages about your product to those who are regular subscribers of your product. Your post should be completely friendly, so that your subscriber doesn't feel like you are trying to persuade him to buy your product. This marketing method is very flexible and can be used as a money making tool.

The big thing is that if we think about digital marketing then we must keep the above things in mind. And to go through all the steps proper procedure should be followed. Only then can digital marketing be done.

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