Why, how, things to know before making a website.

In this age of globalization everything is going online. Internet has a great contribution in completing all activities from individual to social and national. And in an age where there will be no personal or business communication online, what happens? Yes, everyone has more or less statuses on Facebook or other social media. But there are many limitations. We may not present ourselves or our business exactly as we are. They must be within design and limitations. What else comes to perfection? No, it doesn’t. So today’s special article is for those who are thinking of creating a website to promote themselves or their business in the internet world.

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There are basically two ways to do this. Free and paid. If you want to do it for free, you can go to Blogspot.com, wordpress.com and create your own profile like Facebook. What is the future of free things or products… I hope no one knows. Remember one thing… your website is not for 1/2 day but for life. So I am ending the free topic here. And if you want, to create a beautiful structure with attractive design and complete information, then you must go for paid or paid website development. And for that you need domain and hosting. This is where all the trouble lies. Due to not being able to arrange proper domain name registration and hosting. Many people, especially newbies, miss the website.

And for those who don’t know about domain/hosting here is a brief summary-


Simply put, your website address is your website’s domain. For example, the domain of Facebook is facebook.com. The domain has to be registered with money and rent is paid every year.

Where can I get the domain?

There are many domain providers in our country where you can register a top level domain for around Rs 800. It is for registration fee. 800 per year from next year onwards.


There are many fake or fraudulent companies, who will ask you to give free domain or 200/300/500 rupees……always beware of them. They tempt you to buy domain with various offers in first year but then take money from you from next year. Then you will be obliged to fulfill their request to save the website. Or your website is dead. So… even if it costs a bit more, buy from someone who has no hidden fees. Your website is for life, not 1/2 day.

Now let’s discuss hosting:

Hosting: Suppose you own a home. For this you need to choose a place. Let’s say, you will build a sub house of 2 acres in Dhaka. So, Dhaka is your domain or website address and 2 acres is your hosting.

Where can I get hosting?

You only get hosting from people who sell domains. But in this case, beware of scammers. The money seems a bit high.

How is the price?

It depends on how many GB of hosting you want. If you are doing personal website then 2 GB hosting is enough and it is perfect. And the price of 2 GB hosting is around 1400 rupees. If you’re doing a business website, you should be looking at 10 GB or more (depending on the size of the business). It will cost you around 2300-5000 rupees. Means profit is same. Some do a little more and some do less. But in this case, you can keep an eye on them – many companies offer hosting at very low profit for marketing purposes.

Try to get the domain and hosting from the same organization. Then they will do all the settings

Many companies also offer affiliate marketing. By doing this, they can later make a good amount of income by supplying it to their customers.

Things to keep in mind before buying hosting:

Loading Speed:

The loading speed of the website must be high. If not, you will be fined by Google. Talk to the hosting provider and find out what kind of loading speed they will offer.


Your website traffic will depend on your bandwidth. If you buy more bandwidth, you will get more visitors and if you buy less bandwidth, there will be a limit. So try to buy from those who offer unlimited bandwidth.


Must be 99.99%. And usually everyone gives 99.99%

Moneyback Guarantee-

Money back guarantee is very important. Many companies offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Before buying, make sure the company offers a money-back guarantee.

5) Support:

Be sure to buy from someone who offers 24-hour live-support. It is very important.

6 )  Control Panel-

Control Panel is required to manage your website. You can easily manage your website with the help of control panel. cPanel is the simplest and most feature-rich web hosting control panel. So always consider cPanel hosting.

Affiliate Marketing

Is my budget low? Brother, how can I get better at less? Com will not get better. But you can buy it for Rs 1300/1400 and get the price very fast. Not only price but regular income can be arranged. How? Before you buy, find out if the company offers approved benefits. If they do then later you can earn a good amount by supplying them with customers.

7) Server load-

Check if the server is overloaded by talking to the company support

SSD and HSD: Your hosting must be SSD. Talk to support and find out if they provide SSD or HSD.

You will also consider email, daily backups, personal client support, virus protection, etc.

Just keep three things in mind-

1) Space

2) Bandwidth

3) Programming support

By considering these three simple things, you can easily identify the best hosting providers.

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